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10 Aug


ZEISS VISION CHINA and MOPTIM Announced Strategic Collaboration

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On the 10th of August, 2023, a landmark agreement was reached between SHENZHEN CERTAINN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. ("MOPTIM") and CARL ZEISS VISION (CHINA) LTD. (“ZEISS VISION CHINA”) This pioneering Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aims to fuel collaboration, sparking the development of ground-breaking solutions that will significantly enhance visual experiences. Additionally, it sets the stage for establishing exemplary quality standards for eye care products and services throughout China.

Hui Wang, President and CEO of MOPTIM (Left) and Wei Peng, Managing Director, ZEISS VISION CHINA (Right)

Initiated in 2021, this partnership was established through the joint launch of the Colombo IOL Z biometer, which is an important element of ZEISS Vision Technology Solutions (VTS) in China. This collaboration has introduced cutting-edge technology to local users. Given the positive outcomes of this partnership, both entities are now committed to furthering their cooperation in the field of vision care industry. Their goal is to raise the service standards in industry, mirroring their joint commitment to superior quality, accessibility, and innovative solutions in vision health.

“Our collaboration with MOPTIM aims to address a range of issues in the field of eye health management and drive advancements in myopia management efforts.” says Wei Peng, Managing Director of ZEISS VISION CHINA. “This partnership will enhance industry service capabilities, continuously improve user experience, and increase overall satisfaction.”

“The significance of this deep collaboration with ZEISS VISION CHINA lies in translating MOPTIM’s accomplishments into practical applications and providing users with a visualized consumer experience.” said Hui Wang, President and CEO of MOPTIM. “This requires embracing the spirit of ZEISS, a commitment to continuous investment, and closer cooperation and development between both parties, all with the shared goal of promoting human visual health.”